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Karate Roadtrip 5.11.17

posted May 25, 2017, 6:39 PM by Bill Antonitis
Here are notes from another Meriden Martial Arts Club road trip to the DeCosta dojo.


Doubles arms tight to body

Strike with thumbs for waueke in same spot as spear hand but with thumb

Keep wrist straight in sanchin

Bring strike all the way back, have palm touch pec, have some stretch in your shoulder, look for gap between shoulder joint and pec

Keep back straight for closed gate and hands a bit higher.

Loosen up feet a bit more for sanchin, don't be so tight.


Bring knee up in kicks


Move to side but keep feet in sanchin and keep distance close.

Move lower half with upper half, don't lunge. Make up distance through footwork not through leaning upper body.

Don't drop foot down, return it and then place it down

Be careful to keep fist in ready position, tucked under pec and drawn back after blocks...don't drop hand to waist

Seisan bunkai

Put strikes where they need to be on offense and defense,  try to just miss the person by an inch or two rather than a foot or more.

Pull arm down to gain control when blocking

Spear hands, move to the side and stay closer, kind of like yakosuko.


Before jumpback, it's like a horse stance with hands in sanchin, then you turn your torso 90 degrees to the right.

Reverse doggy paddle  (reverse hand cycling) with curved hands not straight.

Keep hand loose for back fist and whip it and tighten on impact.

Hand a bit closer when finishing kata, not so wide

Keep back more straight (maybe) when doing elbow strike

For hammer fist, keep right hand in sanchin first then strike after block.

Spear hand should be slightly angled