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Meriden Martial Arts Club Karate Dojo Visit 1.25.18

posted Feb 11, 2018, 9:22 AM by Bill Antonitis   [ updated Feb 11, 2018, 9:31 AM ]


Hojo undo

When in doubt, look at count leader to determine front foot


Get off heels when turning, be on balls of feet

Keep elbows in

Don't be too low, don't bend back leg too much

Slow down

Keep hand flat before sanchin strike, don't curl it up

Keep back foot square toes toward target.

Move feet first then do block/strike

Stay loose then get tight at end

Before doubles, pause in sanchin stance first after last single strike

Emphasize the grab, little finger first, during doubles

First strike in sanchin, aim at belt with both hands...not too low


Keep hands in sanchin position, not too far out

Work on popping the back fist

Pull wauke blocks back with your back. Hit with knuckle of thumb, curve fingers on top hand

Stance shoulder width apart

Keep hands up


Don't turn on heels

Use an x with arms, palm facing in, down with left hand and away with right for last part after 2 cat stances

Widen up space of feet

Haraken block, deflect it using arm at angle rather than pushing up.


Out more with initial break, not up, out in deflection, more like a punch

Use left hand to push when “breaking arm”

Pick up knee a little faster and put it down a little slower, cat stances

Hands too close, make blocks bigger, think looser is better…


Same as above for cat stance

Slow down

Knee break, keep center of body more instead of over knee

Don't just go up and down on silly finger strike, add finesse

Kanshiwa bunkai

Push block then do more of a windmill with blocking hand

tuck elbow in (sanchin) and pull arm down

Don't announce kata before doing it for bunkai


Step initiates punch

Finish the blocks first before striking.

Drill #6 blocks...should get low kick with bottom arm only, don't bend...keep arms away from body but move arms toward kick to intercept, but move body back while arms receive kick, keep back straight

#7- move hip and deflect inside with 1st 2 blocks...not so much a down block

Seisan bunkai

Keep thinking about spacing during bunkai

Pinch striking hands together and strike temples not cheeks when defending first attack

Pull down and control after stick attacks, tuck elbow in (sanchin) and pull arm down

Be sure to push down during leg attack…

Toe down in crane...