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MMA Club Training April 2015

posted May 19, 2015, 8:19 AM by Bill Antonitis
Jiu-Jitsu Class

  • arm drag from standing to back
  • arm drag from knees
  • arm drag from butterfly guard to pull
  • kimura from half guard
  • half guard smash pass
  • side control escapes
  • rolling.  odd man out calls the scenario, rules, and handicaps
  • reviewed bow and arrow choke

Karate Class

  • focus on pressure against the thumb in sanchin
  • lead with foot not hip for horse stance sequences
  • ssr catch leans back and pops forward to throw
  • grown strikes are smooth, linear, and equidistant from the body
  • sanchin techniques
  • crescent kick
  • roundhouse kicks
  • yakosuko

MMA Class

  • padwork
  • sparring! (pre-test)
  • 1-2 boxing combo
  • pad work
  • ground and pound
  • posture
  • We will spar full contact the last class of every month.  Then, we'll work on skills and techniques based on what we need to improve from the monthly sparring sessions.