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Uechi-Ryu Karate Road Trip 10.19.17

posted Oct 31, 2017, 8:01 AM by Bill Antonitis
The Meriden Martial Arts club visited Ed DeCosta's dojo on 10.19.17 and we practiced karate.  Here are our notes.

Karate Dojo Notes


  1. Etiquette, say the kata confidently

  2. Slow down, trust form.

  3. Don't anticipate.

  4. Start and end with the most emphasis in katas.

Hojo undo

  1. Keep hands up don't drop them

  2. Keep blocks away from body

  3. Keep back foot and belt pointed toward opponent when striking


  1. Keep fingers even with shoulders

  2. Position arms a bit more away from body, not so close...a fist away from body

  3. Keep back foot straight.

  4. Keep legs separated a bit more

  5. At very beginning, lift arms inward to outward, curved, not straight up. Strike down and grab into a fist and then lift up and open hands after that.

  6. After first waueke block, go to horse stance for a second without moving right foot, then move left and do second waueke block

  7. Have toes pointed slightly apart when bowing.

  8. Keep lat down when striking. Don't throw shoulder out, keep lat taught, power comes from ground up, synchronize hips with that motion.

  9. Keep fingers out strike with thumbs for waueke blocks.

  10. Don't have hands and arms so close to chest, be looser up to, not so tight in upper body.

Kanshiwa bunkai

  1. Don't reach for club block, trust form and don't lean in. Drill this!

  2. Keep fist pointed toward opponent when chambered before elbow strike. Make point of elbow the striking point. Punch other shoulder, don't lean in, keep back straight.

  3. Eye contact. Give a cue before punches.

  4. Put punches on target, make them


  1. Move side to side a bit when blocking.

  2. Chamber strike after striking.

  3. Stay loose and get powerful at the end.

  4. Crescent kicks, lift knee first and think about striking with toe, don't just throw leg out there. Work on hip mobility.

  5. In general when striking or defending,  keep other hand up, even when not using it.

  6. DON'T ANTICIPATE. Try to block things last minute, not as they are being thrown.

Sei Ryu (Derek)

  1. Lift knee up same time as arm on same side goes into circle block…. Work on finding a focus point after that when landing on toe. Drill this, repetition.

  2. At the end, don't blend so much, keep as separate strikes with blocks

  3. Keep fingers to side for waueke block, strike with thumbs not fingers.

Kanshu (Enzo)

  1. Double harakans toward end is both offensive and defensive.  More outward, less upward.

Kanshiwa (Dante)

  1. Keep shoken more compact, finger shouldn't jut out so much.

Sanseiryu (Bill)

  1. Slow down.

  2. Keep right arm by side for knee break, slide along ribs.


  1. Pause in beginning.

Drill ideas

  1. Change up speeds in yako and react to strikes

  2. 50 club blocks don't reach at it otherwise do burpees or knuckle pushups