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Uechi-Ryu Karate Road Trip 8.8.17

posted Aug 12, 2017, 7:36 PM by Bill Antonitis
The Meriden Martial Arts Club made it out to Ed DeCosta's Okinawan Karate school for a great class.  Here's what we learned!

Hojo undo

Return the leg for kick

Don't be very upright, be lower, strike with bottom half of body


Watch back heel, keep it square

Push your leg through...remember eds drill, step on our back foot while we slide it forward

Turn front foot in for stance, more angle with hip

Move eyes, look where you are going when turning.

Waueke block, keep lower hand on the belt not below it.

Turn hand over at very end, remember eds drill push on hand while we throw strike, this will check stance for balance


Bunkai, keep shoulders square and good sanchin, don't collapse upper body when blocked after striking, keep square

Block heavy with other arm before circle block at beginning part of bunkai

For bunkai keep blocks closer to me, end block in sanchin don't reach -- especially for hammer strike block


At end before jumpback, for spearheads and stepping, keep blocks small inside body not super wide, keep elbows in sanchin

Sei Ryu

Use legs and strike with clenched fists at beginning. Keep fists clenched when sliding back and when doing armbar thing

Keep double shokens together when turning before cat stance

For cat stance thing, keg comes up first,  then circle block, be mindful of protecting ribs

Keep upper body loose before big strike at end, exhale first before striking to help this.

For circle block spearhand stepping striking drill, make a small circle block around the strikes and step to the side and in to cut the angle while controlling arm and distance


Just do the block, don't reach

Try to not telegraph