Meriden Martial Arts Club Karate Road Trip 4.11.17

Post date: May 2, 2017 6:04:46 PM

Notes from our karate class at Ed DeCosta's dojo on April 11 2017

Osoto geri - how to counter step under counter?

Single leg sweep seisan bunkai

Shomen haji keep lead leg strong when sliding in.

90 degree hands groin strike

Pull in first before turn n throw seisan

Keep elbows in sanchin for waueke blocks. Move hand down and then over, dont wind up. Blend push block across with circle block rather than doing one then the other.

Lower hand travels in a straight line from hip during waueke blocks.

Keep high hand right below pec for waueke blocks.

Sanchin strike keep hand higher before strike, right below pec.

Yakosuko, keep stance short and square.

Finish the block get control then show the full strike.

When kicking legs for kotekote bring knee up first and then leg with side of leg like a baseball bat swing, not the front of leg.

Yeah...we need to update our martial arts training logs more often!